Wauchope Off Leash Dog Park

1 December 2020

Following several years of negotiations and consultations, this long awaited past President’s project opened in 2019

The following background information helps depict the journey.

PP Kath Stephens listed this as her President’s project for her 2016-2017 year. As a regular visitor to Wauchope Vets, Kath had been part of many conversations with the Vet nurses about the need for an Off Leash Dog Park in Wauchope during 2015 and early 2016.

Initial meetings identified 3 sites – Old Park, the Blackbutt area and the land bounded by Stony Creek Road/ Princess Avenue/Oxley Highway. The third option was chosen. PMHC informed us that this site was earmarked as the new Hastings Sporting Complex and initial plans in early 2017 sited the Off Leash Dog Park at the northern boundary with nearby access via Princess Avenue.

Following the December 2017 Community Consultation phase (including sporting bodies), new plans were drawn up to incorporate an additional oval. As a result of this, the Off Leash Dog Park area was relocated to the SW corner bounded by the Mitre 10 store and Oxley Highway. Careful review of the plans showed this was also designated as a car park which meant the Off Leash Dog Park would be inaccessible during peak sporting times.

In early 2018, we were able to convince PMHC representatives that the new siting, its dual purpose and location as well as time delivery factors were not tenable. We requested a change of venue and planning commenced for the Blackbutt area.

Several more meetings ensued and in July 2018, Kath and Diana attended the PMHC meeting for the approval of the 2018-2019 PMHC Budget which included the Wauchope Off Leash Dog Park.

On Friday 21 September 2018, Kath, Barry, Diana and Tash (Wauchope Vets representative) met with Kate Whatman (PMHC Landscape Architect) and Liam Bulley from PMHC to view the final plans.

We were advised that the project would commence prior to Christmas... and it did.

A District Grant for agility equipment was successful. Picnic tables have been installed and a funding application has been submitted for shade coverage. The Dog Park continues to be an ongoing project for the club.

The park is well utilised by the many dog owners around town, with a number of people driving in from out-of-town including Port Macquarie to take advantage of the facility.